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The sea bed, caught and dappled by the sun in the shallows, the light changing as you move around it. To achieve this sense of depth, layers of straw are applied then rubbed through to reveal the lower surfaces beneath. Raised on silvered feet the Mantle Boxes will seduce eyes and hands and conversation.

Burnished Woven Straw, Silvered Brass Feet, Walnut.

FG004230 L W 18 cm D 18 cm H 17.5 cm | W 7 in D 7 in H 6 3/4 in
FG004229 M W 15 cm D 15 cm H 16 cm | W 6 in D 6 in H 6 1/4 in
FG004228 S W 12 cm D 12 cm H 12.5 cm | W 4 3/4 in D 4 3/4 in H 5 in