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Nzuri Textiles founder and textile designer Eno Jonah has a life long love for carefully made textiles. Her passion is hand-made and original – including both vintage and modern. She finds inspiration from many sources. She believes that each piece should tell a story. A beautiful textile uses the finest materials and craftsmanship. The designs should be unique, original, timeless and versatile. These are the standards behind Nzuri’s textiles for home decor and accessories. Eno grew up in Nigeria, a country rich in diverse cultures and skilled artisans. Nigerian textile traditions date back hundreds of years. These beautiful textiles are still painstakingly hand crafted by master weavers using traditional looms and time-honored techniques. These define the highest quality of African textiles.
Eno has studied many of the fine textiles that are produced throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere. She lived in Uganda for many years and has traveled extensively in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.This gave her the opportunity to learn first hand about the beauty and cultural importance of textiles in other parts of the world. It also led to her establishing relationships with incredible weavers and to source some of the finest workshops in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Eno has a degree in culture and development from Indiana University. She resides in Nevada City in the Sierra foothills of Northern California

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