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Nathalie Dougé


An original artwork by Nathalie Dougé is the starting point for each rug, and drives innovation as the weavers look to elevate the nuance in each piece. Wool and silk are carefully dyed and interwoven to magically shift color and reflect light, capturing the look of wet and dry surfaces as on a fresh canvas. The carved edges and tightly controlled planes of texture in her flat weaves echo the dramatic clarity of the inspirational block prints she crafts by hand.

Nathalie Douge’s rugs are made from the highest quality Himalayan wool and silk, and manufactured in Nepal by a family of rug makers whose decades of experience are directly reflected in the success of the final designs. Guided by Nathalie’s clear vision and deep understanding of each craftsman’s art, the hands of many makers come together to make each piece, perfectly unique.

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