Marmol Radziner


Marmol Radziner Furniture is a natural extension of Marmol Radziner, a unique design-build firm known for attentiveness to detail and finish. Marmol Radziner Furniture offers collections designed and built by architects. Their wood and metal shops are run by craftsmen concerned with the smallest details and the broad view, allowing for a line of furniture with clarity of design and integrity of construction. Composed of rich materials like walnut, oak, and steel, Marmol Radziner Furniture is made up of pieces originally designed for their custom homes. Furniture is essential in shaping the experience and scale of a house. Like their architecture, Marmol Radziner furniture designs are inspired by the site and the landscape. In addition to these own designs, Marmol Radziner is also pleased to offer the Kings Road Group, Rudolph Schindler’s revolutionary redwood designs from the 1920s. Marmol Radziner faithfully reproduce these Schindler pieces with the same integrity they bring to their original designs.

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