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Established in 2022, Hintsa Rudman is the creative exchange of Francis Rudman and Azamit*.

Creative Directors navigating their own respective fields, Azamit was born in Asmara in Eritrea, growing up in Ethiopia before settling in Montreal, Canada – where the two met in 2014. Francis was born in Canada, to Canadian and British parents, spending long summers in the English countryside and the Dordogne in France. Hintsa Rudman is an assemblage, a coming-together of memories – both individual and collective – fragments that coalesce around their shared thoughts, ideas and experiences. Partners in life and in work, Hintsa Rudman achieves ‘The Dream of a Common Language’ – one that is developed over time and that folds together the many elements of a life lived, both together and apart, resulting in designs that are singular and understated.

*Hintsa is the last name of Azamit’s father – and would therefore be her surname in the Western tradition. In Eritrea they follow a patronymic system where it is the father’s first name that is passed from generation to generation.

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