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Fabric and Steel makes artisan-crafted textiles. Their fabrics are designed in Brooklyn, woven in Belgium and hand screen printed in New England. Fabric and Steel echoes the conversation between place and texture. Their textiles reflect the relationship between the ephemeral interior, fleeting experiences and the permanent exterior of buildings. Beautiful, rough, architectural materials paired with refined, intimate design inspire the line. They create textiles that are thoughtfully designed and meticulously executed – not a product to be consumed and tossed – but something to be cherished and kept. Their fabrics are timeless – durable and meant to experience a life of many years. The designs are emphatically of our time, a reflection of who they are now. They capture their moment, refuse imitation – and integrity endures. Fabric and Steel was founded by Michele Dopp. Michele is a designer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked in the interior design industry for nearly 20 years and holds a degree in art history from New York University. Her experience, education and passion for architecture and design inform the aesthetic of the F&S collection.

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