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Cobie Russell


Cobie Russell is a contemporary American artist who has lived and traveled throughout the United States and North America. The artist’s large-scale paintings and drawings consistently create depth through the layering of lines, forms and vibrant color. When combined, these elements create a soft texture and luminous glow. Moving between figurative composition and abstraction, Cobie works to identify the simplest elements of form.
Cobie Russell’s art is influenced by the power of materials and light. Early and mid-career artwork focused on the varying light of the New England coastline, the beaches of California and the high desert of the Southwest. Her travels profoundly impacted her studies of the way that light reflects on natural surfaces. Cobie’s more recent experiences in diverse and visually striking environments, such as the deeply shadowed Sangre de Christo Mountains of New Mexico and the incandescent colors of the ocean and shoreline in Tulum, Mexico, have moved Cobie forward in her exploration of light and form.

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