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    Clay McLaurin established Clay McLaurin Studio in 2013. Trained as a textile designer, Clay started his career designing for a jacquard mill in NYC. He then segued from designing to teaching, both at the Rhode Island School of Design, and at the University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art. Well versed in textile knowledge, Clay brings his personal discoveries and explorations to life in a collection of home textiles and wall-coverings for the home. Travel, nature and history are all inspirations for Clay. A large collection of vintage fabrics sourced from travels to Japan, Africa, Europe and South America have become invaluable in bringing an informed point of view to his designs. Photographs taken of nature, textures and marks of the hand from past paintings play a role in Clay’s design phase. His creations emphasis a lifestyle that is relaxed, well traveled and effortless. The image of sun-soaked beach huts filled with slightly faded fabrics nestled amongst lush tropical plants and a canopy of palms is a continuous visual for the studio.

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