Antrobus + Ramirez

Designers Alison Antrobus and Ruby Ramirez, of ANTROBUS+RAMIREZ, are an under-the-radar Miami–based International design firm specializing in residential, hotel, restaurant interiors and product design. Prior to forming their partnership in 2004, they were alums of YOO LTD’s in-house Design Studio. There the young designers worked alongside renowned talents Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders, Kelly Hoppen, Jade Jagger on a variety marquee projects in: Miami, Mexico, Argentina, Istanbul, Moscow, India, Thailand and Vienna.

In 2018, Alison and Ruby introduced a unique, handmade, artisanal compilation of rugs. The collection’s aesthetic reflects artistic quality from each of their respective Caribbean and South East Asian legacies. The rug designs are conceived of in the US and a world a way, come-to-life in the fully sustainable workshop by the magic hands of weavers and artists in Panipat, India also known as “the city of weavers.”